Sponsor Information

If your business would like to be a sponsor of this event please see the various opportunities below.

Corporate Sponsor

$2,500 – Your business name on the FRONT visor of every car.

$1,500 – Your business name on the REAR visor of every car.

$1,000 – Your business name on the entire base of rear window.

Flag Sponsor (flags on each side of road, sponsor furnishes flags)

$1,500 –  Your businesses flags flying at each FINISH LINE.

$1,000 –  Your businesses flags flying at each ½ mile START LINE.

$1,000 –  Your businesses flag flying at each 1 mile START LINE.

Support Sponsor

$250 –  Your Business name/logo on Banner & in every souvenir book.

$150 –  Your business name/logo in every souvenir book.

Donation Sponsor

Donation of items needed for event, Ex:  tents, water tanks, buses, etc…

This sponsor will be listed in every souvenir book.

**All of the above sponsors will be listed on the bigbluemile.com website and Facebook page.  In addition, you will be recognized on all T-Shirts and repeatedly announced by the DJ during the racing event.  Corporate and Flag sponsors will also be seen on all Youtube & Facebook videos posted.

**All proceeds from this event will be donated evenly to the three local Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments:  Beaver Crossing, Cordova and Utica, NE.

Contact Melissa at 402-534-0002 or race@bigbluemile.com with any questions.

Thank you for your support!